New partnership agreement in Sudan

On 13 October 2014 VSF Germany and CONCERN World Wide signed a partnership agreement in Sudan.

This event was attended by all representatives from INGOs during the INGOs forum monthly meeting. The partnership will enable both organizations to enter into calls from various donors and share resources.

This is an exciting development for VSF Germany Sudan and we are all delighted since this is a great step towards effective partnership. It shows that both organizations have common understanding to the needs of the communities in these areas of South Kordofan. For many humanitarian organizations, working in partnership is becoming an increasingly necessary way of pooling resources and talents, particularly given the dynamic conditions of our operating environment and the challenging milestones facing the humanitarian situation in Sudan which remain highly complex. The partnership will enable as many needy people as possible in Sudan to benefit from the two organizations working together. 

The CDs of CONCERN and VSF Germany are happy to share the information with you and we will as well keep you updated as we move forward on the partnership and development over the coming year.