Meeting on pastoralism with members of European Parliament in Sudan

From 25 to 27 March 2014, three Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) visited Khartoum. Ricardo Cortés Lastra (Spain), Filip Kaczmarek (Poland) and Fiona Hall (UK) are members of the Development Committee. They exchanged views with their Sudanese counterparts and government officials.

MEP Fiona Hall is very active in the field of pastoralism. She had tabled the resolution on pastoralism in the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA). This resolution was adopted in November 2013 at the JPA session in Addis Ababa. 

During the MEPs’ visit to Khartoum, the EU Delegation and the Coalition of European Lobbies for Eastern African Pastoralism (CELEP) organised a meeting on pastoralism in Sudan. Representatives from local Sudanese pastoralist organisations and international NGOs used this platform to discuss current challenged of pastoralism with the visitors. VSF Germany is a member of CELEP was represented by the country programme
manager and the project manager and a representative of its Veterinary Advisory Board (VAB). 

VSF-Germany’s main points were:

  • The secession of South Sudan and internal conflicts in some parts of the country coupled with the climate change have stressed the livestock sector heavily. Pastoralists face challenges such as legislation for land use that does not take into account pastoralist lifestyle, inaccessibility of dry season grazing, agriculture encroachment on pasture lands and a lack of mobile health and education services.
  • The gender dimension of pastoralist and nomad needs in-depth understanding. Only on this base, interventions to improve the lives of these communities can be appropriately targeted and designed.
  • Livestock and livestock value chain are currently not in the focus of development assistance. More funds are needed as well as an integrated approach to address challenges and priorities of pastoralists. 
  • Not much research on pastoralists in Sudan is currently available. There is a need to establish a data base for livestock and pastoralists to strengthen the monitoring and evaluation of interventions for all stakeholders from the local to the national level. 


A short report on the meeting can be found here: 

Report on meeting of MEPs and CSOs in Sudan.

This report on the meeting between the delegation of the European Parliament and Civil Society Organisations has organised by the European External Action Service and CELEP. 


Background Info: VSF-Germany in Sudan

VSF-G has a long history of activity in Sudan. In particular, it has contributed substantially in the eradication of Rinderpest. VSF-Germany is aiming at playing a crucial role in the next phase of rehabilitation and development of the pastoralist communities in Sudan. VSF-G has an office in Khartoum office to handle projects for pastoralists in the arid zone. The staff is strongly supported by the VAB with their vast experience and relationships with public and private sector entities, and with academic institutions.