INVITATON FOR BIDS - Fabricatin of Ethiopian Maresha and Improved Hoe (Weeders)

Fabrication of 1,500 pieces Ethiopian Maresha and 1,000 pieces of Improved Hoe (Weeders)

Date: 27th August 2021

Reference No:      LOT NO: VSF/SSD/2021/08/01-02

Subject: Fabrication of Ethiopian Maresha and Improved Hoe (Weeders)

Contracting Authority: Veterinaires sans Frontieres Germany (VSF Germany)

Deadline for submission of bid: 10th September  2021


VSF Germany South Sudan, would like to procure the following:

 Lot 1- Fabricated Ethiopian Maresha- 1500 Pcs

Lot 2- Fabrication of Improved Hoe (Weeders)- 1000pcs

VSF Germany invites interested Artisans to submit their bids.

A complete set of bidding documents in English may be obtained upon written request from email addresses or download from (About us Careers and Tenders). Completed applications should be submitted to the address below,

For further information, please contact the Address below:

Procurement Committee

VSF Germany, South Sudan Program,

Hai Malakal, near Equatorial Tower, Opposite Finance South Sudan Plot No 74, Block AXIII, E-mail address juba(at)

Juba, South Sudan.

This is purely information on business opportunities and does not constitute a commitment to the service or any other form of contractual commitment by the Contracting Authority.