VSF Germany is an international Non-Governmental Organization, providing humanitarian aid and development assistance to pastoralists and vulnerable communities in areas where livestock is of importance. VSF Germany invites application from interested eligible firms for pre-qualification of suppliers to be included in the VSF Germany’s suppliers list from 2021 – December 2025. Information on the categories is available at VSFG’s website.

Non-Governmental organizations are obliged to account for donor money in a transparent and auditable manner. It is for this reason that we have chosen an open prequalification procedure to find reliable and predictable suppliers to achieve our goal of best value for money. Those interested are requested to avail answers to a number of questions.

1.    You are requested to provide all the information as per the prequalification document.

2.    Clearly indicate the procurement category being applied for.

3.    VSF-Germany will examine the documents for completeness and responsiveness to the Prequalification  Questionnaire (PQQ) requirements. Incorrect information will render the document ineligible.

4.     The Prequalification package should be submitted bound with all pages numbered, countersigned and stamped.

5.    The Prequalification Committee shall not be responsible for loss of documents through loose binding.

Important Notes for Applicants

 a)     The purpose of this document is to assist VSF-Germany in the identification and evaluation of potential suppliers who may subsequently be invited to tender or provide quotations for the supply of goods and/or services within the respective procurement categories for the years 2021-2025.

b)    A separate Questionnaire shall be filled out for EACH PROCUREMENT CATEGORY applied for.

 c)    The questionnaire shall be filled in English Language and shall be prepared in indelible ink.

d)    Any corrections must be initialed by the person or persons who sign(s) the Document; otherwise the application will be voided.

e)    Answer ALL questions and where the question is not applicable, indicate an N/A. Where necessary, answers may be provided on separate sheets.

f)     The completed document shall be signed off and initialed by Director/Partner of the organization and rubber stamped on each page, and signed on the last page in the space provided.

g)     As part of this review process, the prequalification committee may request the applicant for a site visit at its premises.

h)     The information provided herein is strictly confidential.

i)      Successful applicants will be included in the VSFG Approved Vendor List for the indicated period and will be notified in writing.