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  • You are requested to provide all the general information as per the prequalification document. The Tender Committee attaches great importance to correct information given.
  • If the information given is found to be incorrect in any respect, the applicant shall be rendered ineligible for registration.
  • The Tender Committee reserves the right to visit and inspect business premises of all the applicants to verify the information provided.

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Request for proposal for Livestock Body Condition Assessment in Puntland, Somalia

The Technical and Financial proposals shall be submitted no later than 5.00 pm EAT of 6/12/2019 to VSFG - Regional office in Nairobi.

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Request for proposal for the provision of insurance brokerage services to VSF Germany, South Sudan

Proposals must reach the offices of VSF Germany before 4 PM on 11 November 2019 and must be enclosed in a sealed envelope.

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Consulting Services for Deployment of a methodology for Livestock Body Condition Assessment in Puntland, Somalia

Veterinaries without Borders Germany (“VSF Germany”) has received financing from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (“IFAD”) and...

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