VSF Germany supports people in developing countries whose livelihoods depend on agriculture – especially on livestock - in their endeavors to improve their living conditions actively.

Global warming, the population growth and local conflicts increasingly diminish the opportunities of the rural population. Based on these premises VSF Germany’s projects support these people in utilizing their natural resources in a more sustainable way and solve conflicts peacefully.

We promote non-violent conflict resolution methods as peace is a basic precondition for a stable livelihood. It is VSF Germany’s conviction that the globalization makes it necessary to build intercultural bridges to promote understanding and respect for different ways of life.

The livelihood of many people in developing countries depends on livestock.

Our vision is that these people live on a stable livelihood through sustainable management of their animals and nature in a self determined manner.


Each human being has the right of:

  • sufficient food and access to clean water

  • education and development

  • to access basic health services and ­the preservation of their environment

  • cultural identity and to live in dignity