Vétérinaires sans Frontìeres Germany believes that healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy environment are essential for a prosperous future for all of us.

Vétérinaires sans Frontìeres Germany (VSFG) is the international name for the German non-profit organisation "Tierärzte ohne Grenzen e.V." who has been working in the Greater Horn of Africa since 1998. It has its headquaters in Berlin, Germany, and a regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. VSF Germany is present with country and field offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda.

Our working areas


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The combined impacts of COVID-19 and the desert locust invasion

The combined impacts of COVID-19 and the desert locust invasion will worsen the already dire food security situation in the greater Horn of Africa. As...

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One Health to address future crisis

The entire world is facing complex challenges linked to the rapid spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes...

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VSF-Germany and its Swiss sister organization VSF-Suisse adopted a joint strategy

Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Germany is part of the VSF International network, whose members share the common goal of supporting small scale farmers...

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Voices from the projects

I received five goats from VSF Germany; some of them are pregnant and some are lactating. I was also shown how to care for them, to isolate those that fall sick and to treat them appropriately with the help of a community animal health worker. It has been great; my small children are now getting milk from the lactating goats. I would like to thank VSF Germany for their efforts in assisting us.

As members of Allah Amin group, we share the work among ourselves: some members sell milk on the Salahlay Milk Market; others buy milk from the surrounding villages; others again take a day off to take care of their personal affairs and stay with their families for that day.

I was trained and supported with all the necessary veterinary equipment which qualifies me as CAHW. I would like to thank VSF Germany for giving me such an opportunity. Now, I am serving my community in providing animal health services. Even though the project is being phased out, I will continue to do my job. Dasenech Woreda Livestock and Fishery Resource Office is supporting me in providing medicines required for my jobs. My life is being changed by my employment as a CAHW.