Vétérinaires sans Frontìeres Germany believes that healthy animals, healthy people and a healthy environment are essential for a prosperous future for all of us.

Vétérinaires sans Frontìeres Germany (VSFG) is the international name for the German non-profit organisation "Tierärzte ohne Grenzen e.V." who has been working in the Greater Horn of Africa since 1998. It has its headquaters in Berlin, Germany, and a regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. VSF Germany is present with country and field offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan.

Our working areas


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VSF Germany joins The Red Hand Celebration 2019 - Pibor, South Sudan

The Red Hand Day is also referred to as International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers. This day is celebrated on 12th of February when calls are...

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Investment package to improve human and animal health in Uganda and Kenya

Vétérinaires sans Frontières Germany met from 23 to 25 January in a transdisciplinary workshop with representatives from politics and research.

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Award for VSF Germany - Ethiopia

VSF Germany has been recognized by Ethiopian government during 9th Pastoralist and agro-pastoralist day celebration held on January 21, 2019 in Jinka...

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Voices from the projects

Four months ago, I received three female goats from VSF Germany. Only two months after I received them all three of them had twins: now I own nine goats that are providing milk to the entire family!"

Asma Hassan, pastoralist (South Kordofan State, Sudan)

As a result of the 2015 drought, I lost 45 goats, 12 camels, all 20 cattle I owned and was only left with 15 goats and 3 camels. Had it not been for the support of VSF Germany, the goats and camels that survived then would have eventually died, too." 

Abrahim Abanugus, pastoralist (Erebti District/Ethiopia)

Being the breadwinner in my house with no income, I was selected to benefit from VSF Germany`s 'Access to Food' project. It saved us from hunger and the difficulties of harsh climate conditions."

Khalif, widow (Alle-amin IDP camp, Galkayo/Somalia)

We thank VSF Germany and GIZ for giving priority to peace dialogues: all the communities in Mt. Kulal have had honest, serious talks amongst themselves on peace and sharing the scarce pasture and water resources. We met all other communities in Loiyangalani and discussed issues of resource sharing and friendly coexistence."

Lepalo Lengungu, Environmental Management Commitee Member (Larachi/Kenya)